Self Respect

Our television channels have lost their dignity somewhere in the competition of getting better ratings. Now you can see a particular type of program on almost every channel, where a popular celebrity makes fun of their audience and in return of such dis-respect participants get wonderful and wealthy gifts.

Recently, I witnessed a very pathetic thing when I was tuning my television and stopped to watch a kind of program, I mentioned above.The set of the show was so opulent that you can easily imagine that channel has been investing a lot in its popular production. The host of the show was a popular celebrity and actor but more of it, was a perfect bully. Then, Mr. Bully asked some girls and women from the audience to come on to the stage to be the center of attraction. Audience came out gushingly as they know they will get some good prizes for that. After persuading and making fun of the participants Mr. Bully started a competition of jumping a rope, and the lady who’ll jump the most in a minute will get the prizes. Now the worst thing happened, competition started and girls started jumping, and camera-man did his best to get the perfect close shoots. It was so impertinent and dis-respectful that no civilized citizen can watch it neither alone nor with his family.

My question to the wealthy production houses is that, Do you not have any civilized way of entertaining people?  Don’t you can give prizes for some artistic competitions? And most importantly, the audience; the people like us who watch such kind of programs; do we have any self-respect or not?


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